Mykonos Airport Guide

A Glance Over Mykonos International Airport Facilities and Layout

General Airport Information

Mykonos Airport is a minor airfield, providing its visitors with only basic services. Still, in 2021, it was expanded, renovated, and modernized. Hence, although it remains a small airport, its layout, and facilities -designed to meet the current architectural trends but also inspired by the traditional style- meet the passengers’ expectations. Overall, the airport welcomes thousands of tourists, especially during the summer season, handling both domestic and international flights from all over the world.


Although small and kitted only with basic amenities, Mykonos terminal is an interesting architectural project and can offer a pleasant traveling experience. Handling both international and domestic flight departures and arrivals, it has 16 check-in counters, 7 departure gates, and 5 security lanes. 


Mykonos island’s accommodation options are truly limitless. And although ferreting out a budget hotel might be challenging, finding the perfect hotel near Mykonos Airport is an easy task. In any case, no matter your budget, your style, or your preferred location, Mykonos surely has the ideal hotel for you!

Layover at the Airport

Truth to be told, you won’t find many things to do during your layover at Mykonos Airport. Still, Mykonos town lies only 4km/2.5 miles from the airport’s location. Thus, if you are not content with the airport’s amenities or you are eager to take a glimpse of the iconic Mykonos, you can leave the airport and get to know the island even during a short airport stopover.