Layover at Mykonos Airport

Is the Upcoming Layover at Mykonos Airport Troubling you?

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Enjoy your Layover at JMK Airport to the Fullest!

Mykonos Airport is small and offers only basic amenities. Still, as soon as the airport’s renovation project was completed in 2021, it became an up-to-date, modern aviation hub whose design is a work of art. Thus, you can still enjoy your time during a short airport layover or even head to meet the island. After all, Mykonos town is only 4km/2.5 miles away!

Things to Do at Mykonos Airport

Do you have a short layover ahead of you, or do you feel tired, and don’t want to leave the airport anyway? Check out how to exploit your spare time there:

1. The Airport’s Wi-Fi is on Tap (and Free)

Enter the “Fraport-Free” network on your smartphone or your electronic device and use the airport’s Wi-Fi to complete any unfinished projects, communicate with your loved ones, check your social media or even watch your favorite TV series or movies.

2. Spend your Time the “Traditional Way”: Read a Book

Do you remember the book you bought ages ago and were so eager to read but never really got the time? The right time has come! Make yourself comfortable in an airport chair or sit at one of the airport’s cafes and enjoy reading time at the airport. Even better, exit the airport’s doors and read your book relishing Mykonos’ clear skies and warm sun.

3. Go on a Shopping Spree

Mykonos Airport doesn’t have a wide array of options. Still, the existing ones are quite interesting and can meet up to your expectations. Thus, apart from the fully-kitted duty-free area, you will also find a jewelry shop making jewels out of materials coming from the island, a phone store, and an optical store along with a clothing and accessories option.

Our Tip: You can check Mykonos duty-free products online before your flight to the island, make your purchases and collect them as soon as you land at Mykonos Airport.

4. Eat, Drink, or Snack at JMK Airport

Unsurprisingly, Mykonos Airport offers limited dining options. Nevertheless, they are all worth a try. So, what are you craving?

  • An Italian experience? Go to “Bistro dei Cavalieri” and relish pizza and pasta, but also greek wines and flavorful coffee.
  • A Mediterranean meal? “Herbs & Olives” is your place.
  • The ultimate coffee experience? You’ll find it at “Starbucks” of course.
  • International cuisine, from tapas to sushi? Head to “Tashba”.
  • A drink or meal reflecting “the Mykonos experience”? “Khora” will do the job!
  • All the above? At “El Pelicano”, you’ll almost reach your goal. Local and international dishes are being served in an outside area, clearly inspired by the famous Mykonos pigeonholes.

Apart from Herbs & Olives, Khora, and Tashba located in the airport’s airside, the other dining options lie in the public area of departures.

5. Do you Need to Rest?

Mykonos Airport isn’t the ideal airport for travelers wishing to take a nap. It is small, and during summer, it is often crowded. Thus, finding a spot to scratch out can be challenging. Nevertheless, if you are not traveling on a budget, JMK airport houses a VIP lounge, “DELOS”, an elegant and traditionally designed space harmonized with the Myconian architecture, where you can make yourself comfortable, enjoy a drink and even board your plane “incognito”, via a separate exit.

Why Stay at Mykonos Airport? Things to Do in Mykonos!

Mykonos isn’t a big island. In fact, you can traverse the island from one side to the other in about 35 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Thus, even during a 4-hour layover at the airport, you can take a good taste of the cosmopolitan island!

1. Mykonos Town (Chora) is your Spot

Mykonos town is the biggest settlement on the island and is to be found within a 10-minute driving distance from Mykonos Airport. Chora, as it is most commonly called, provides its visitors with almost everything. From historical sites to picturesque landmarks and fine-dining options, Chora is mostly known for Matogiania, the famous district housing bars and restaurants, and also known for its unbelievable variety of shops, from souvenir stores to high-fashion brands and top designers. To non-shopping lovers, Mykonos Town has to offer idyllic walks to its narrow, scenic alleys, surrounded by traditional white houses with blue details and colored with vivid bougainvilleas, leading to Little Venice or the well-known windmills. Little Venice, named after the resemblance to Venice’s structure, is a complex of colorful, adjoined old fishing houses dating back to the 18th century and built inside the sea, which nowadays hosts bars and restaurants with amazing sunset views. On the other hand, the old 7 windmills dominate over Mykonos. Built in the 16th century, they are now museums or private houses. 

Our Tip: While wandering around Mykonos, it is highly recommended to head to the Old Port to admire the view and, of course, to meet the island’s “mascot”, which usually hangs around the area, Peter the pelican!

2. If you Love Traditional Places, Ano Mera will Talk to your Heart

If loud and crowded places aren’t your thing, don’t think even for a moment that Mykonos offers just that. Conversely to the lively Chora, Ano Mera is a quiet village maintaining the traditional lifestyle. Here, you can admire the local white houses, the typical Greek square with scenic cafes scattered around, and the impressive Monastery of Panagia Tourliani.

3. Swimming is Always a Good Idea

If the weather is good, Mykonos beaches will offer you the perfect layover, no matter your preferences and style. Are you looking for some calm beaches? You can choose between Agios Stefanos, Megali Ammos, Kapari, and Kalafatis beach. Are you traveling with children? You should head to Ornos or Platis Gialos. Finally, are you interested in the most popular island’s beaches? Then definitely opt for Psarrou and Super Paradise!

Our Tip: If you love water sports, you’ll find available options almost at every beach in Mykonos. It is the “island of winds” after all!

4. Mykonos has Cultural Sites as well

If you like to learn the history of the places you visit or get a cultural experience from each of your destinations, Mykonos won’t let you down either. Thus, take a look at the famous island’s attractions -just a few to mention of course- and plan your layover’s itinerary, including as many as possible:

  • Panagia Paraportiani Church: located at Chora, the almost 600-hundred years old church actually consists of 5 churches, added to the complex over the years. Panagia Paraportiani used to lie right next to the entrance of Mykonos town’s castle and is known nowadays not only for its unique layout but also for the amazing views from the church’s location.
  • Archaeological Museum of Mykonos: the ideal way to get to know a few things about the island’s history. Also located in Chora.
  • Municipal Art Gallery: situated in Chora, the gallery houses contemporary works of art and hosts events and special exhibitions. 
  • Rarity Gallery: also to be found in Chora, Rarity Gallery is a well-known cultural place hosting modern and unique masterpieces. 
  • Aegean Maritime Museum: maritime history has its place in Mykonos town.
  • Boni’s Mill: the agricultural museum located in one of the famous Mykonos windmills is part of the island’s Folklore Museum. Boni’s Mill is an innovative outdoor museum consisting of various rural amenities. 

Our Tip: Undoubtedly, the most important historical site of the area lies on the nearby island of Delos, where the archaeological site and museum attract countless visitors. Unfortunately, a day trip is required to visit the place.

5. Spend your Time in a Totally Alternative Way

That is to say, don’t get to visit the sightseeing or the island beaches if you don’t feel like it, but enjoy a totally different experience during your airport stopover. For instance, you can visit Mykonos Brewing Company and book a tour, opt for a wine-tasting tour or even participate in one of Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm’s tours to feel part of Mykonos’ authentic everyday life.

6. Don’t Leave Food out of your Schedule

No matter what your planned schedule is, you should at least try some local Myconian dishes. The island offers a variety of options, from fast-food stores to fine dining experiences and from local taverns to contemporary casual places. Make up your mind and relish kopanisti and ksinotiri cheeses, louza deli meat, local sausages and sweet melopita (honey pie), rafiolia, amigdalota, and numerous other Mykonos delicacies.

7. Book a Tour

If you aren’t keen on organizing any of the above options but still want to make the most of your layover at Mykonos, the most comfortable and hassle-free way to achieve your goal is to book an organized tour. Mykonos hosts plenty of travel agencies providing premium services and interesting touring options.