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General Guidelines about Taxis at Mykonos International Airport

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What are the Perks of a Mykonos Airport Taxi

Mykonos airport taxis are few, often not enough to cope with the island’s traveler traffic. Still, in general terms, they offer fast, safe, and adequate transfer services from the airport to every destination in Mykonos. Apart from being available 24/7 (or at least as long as the airport is open), they provide door-to-door transfers, while taxi drivers usually help passengers with their luggage. What’s more, they tend to be rather affordable as all the island’s routes are short. Thus, a Mykonos airport taxi will drive you directly to your accommodation and will save you from the hassle of wandering around with your luggage, trying to find the right bus and the correct bus stop, as well as searching your hotel’s location from your disembarking point.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that as the number of Mykonos taxis is limited, the waiting time for a taxi at the airport can be long and tiring, especially under the hot Greek summer sun.

Mykonos Airport Taxi Fares

Mykonos airport taxis are metered and don’t offer set prices for their routes. Conversely, they operate based on a taximeter, which calculates each ride’s cost according to the route’s distance and traveling time. Overall, Mykonos taxis aren’t considered expensive, even more, when taking into account that Mykonos is a costly destination. However, road traffic, a usual phenomenon during the high season, may raise the total taxi tariffs. Still, as Mykonos is a small island and drives are short, the final fares stay, on the whole, within expected limits.

Just to give you a hint, the transfer from Mykonos Airport to Mykonos town lasts about 10 minutes and costs as much as 17€17$, including the 2.85€/2.85$ charge for airport pick-ups. Nevertheless, factors such as the time of the ride or luggage affect prices. For instance, baggage weighing more than 10kg adds a 0.40€/0.40$ fee for each piece of overweighting piece of luggage, while night transfers (from midnight to 05:00 am) are charged at higher rates (0.90€/0.90$/km during the day, 1.25€/1.25$/km during the night).

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Mykonos Airport Taxi Fares to Popular Destinations

If your journey’s end isn’t to be found in Mykonos Chora, you can check out below the usual taxi fares for airport transfers to the most famous spots of the island:

FromToDaytime PriceNighttime PriceDuration
Mykonos AirportMykonos Town (Chora)

17€/17$22€/22$10 min
Mykonos AirportMykonos Port19€/19$24€/24$14 min
Mykonos AirportAgios Ioannis

19€/19$24€/24$11 min
Mykonos AirportPsarrou

19€/19$24€/24$11 min
Mykonos AirportParadise19€/19$24€/24$11 min
Mykonos AirportOrnos17€/17$22€/22$10 min
Mykonos AirportAno Mera22€-27€/22$-27$27€-32€/27$-32$16 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at JMK Airport?

The airport taxi rank at JMK is easily spotted just outside the terminal’s exit doors. Thus, after collecting your luggage from the baggage carousels, you should head toward the airport’s exit. As soon as you pass the doors, you’ll see the taxi stand on the opposite side of the road. However, even though taxis should always be on tap during the airport’s operation hours (from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm during the winter months and from 07:00 am to 01:00 am during summer), they often aren’t able to meet the passengers’ needs, especially when multiple flights land simultaneously at the airport. In that case, Mykonos taxi drivers usually take more passengers to decongest waiting lines. Thus, sharing your cab with other co-travelers heading in the same direction is a high probability at Mykonos Airport.

Our Tip: You may share your cab but not the fare! Hence, you should play it smartly! Find travelers to the same destination before reaching the taxi stand, and agree with them to travel as a company and split the fare!

Airport Taxi from Mykonos Airport to Hotel

Mykonos airport taxis are a convenient, fast, and safe way to travel from JMK Airport to your accommodation. The airport taxi rank lies just outside the airport. Thus, getting there shouldn’t be tricky, even if carrying heavy luggage. Moreover, after putting the bags in the taxi’s trunk and making yourself comfortable inside the cab, you’ll start your journey stress-free, knowing that the taxi driver will drop you off right in front of your hotel to check in hassle-free and on time. 

Our Tip: Before settling on a Mykonos airport taxi, you should check if your hotel offers complimentary airport transfers. On the other hand, if it provides transfer services at an extra cost, you should balance your options: do you prefer a possibly costlier hotel shuttle transfer with no waiting time at the airport, or do you think that saving the additional cost is worth the potential waiting in line at the taxi rank?

More Insight Info about Mykonos Airport Taxis

  • The first thing you should do when entering the cab is checking if the taximeter is set on properly.
  • Mykonos taxi drivers usually don’t give receipts. Nevertheless, it is advisable to ask for one, as it will provide you with all the info needed in case of forgotten items in the cab or making an official complaint.
  • It is highly recommended to trust only the official taxis lining up at the taxi rank, and not random individual taxi drivers, who are most likely unlicensed and planning to overcharge you.
  • Only a few taxis handle Mykonos airport transfers. Therefore, you should be prepared to wait in line and share the ride with other passengers.
  • Most drivers speak English, if not fluently, at least modestly.
  • Payments in cash are always preferred. What’s more, credit or debit cards are often not accepted at all. Thus, you should carry some euros with you and, if possible, on small bills as taxi drivers usually don’t have enough change.
  • If you want to use a children’s seat, you should bring your own, as Mykonos taxis don’t offer children’s cots. 
  • Mykonos airport taxis can’t serve persons with reduced mobility. In that case, pre-booking a private airport transfer is recommended. 
  • Tipping is optional. Still, for well-delivered services, rounding up the final fare is customary.


How do I get a taxi from Mykonos Airport?

Mykonos airport taxis are queuing up right outside the JMK terminal, on the opposite side of the road. Thus, after landing at the airport, all you have to do is exit the Arrivals area and head to the taxi rank. Nevertheless, due to the limited number of Mykonos taxis, long waiting lines for a cab at the airport are a common sight.

How much is a taxi from Mykonos Airport?

Mykonos taxis are generally considered affordable. After all, the distances on the island are short. Thus, the rides are quick and low-priced. For instance, a taxi journey from JMK Airport to Chora lasts 10 minutes and costs 17€17$.