Transportation from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port

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Transfer Options from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port

If Mykonos isn’t your journey’s end, but you have an onward transfer to another Greek island, you should have settled on your transportation mode from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port even before landing at JMK. In that way, you’ll enjoy an unwinding ride to the port, without stressing about catching your ferry. Thus, whether you have a ferry transfer coming up or your accommodation lies in the New Port’s nearby area, you’ll find the following traveling options: Mykonos airport taxis and Mykonos airport transfers are the premium alternatives whereas car rentals offer independent journeys and the KTEL buses cheap rides. 


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi19€19$14 min
Bus1.80€1.80$20-25 min

Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port by Taxi

Traveling from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port with a Mykonos airport taxi is one of the most convenient options you have in your hands. Airport taxis are available 24/7 outside the terminal’s doors (on the opposite side of the road). They actually operate during the airport’s operational hours, that is, from 07:00 am to 01:00 am during the summer months and from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm at other times. However, Mykonos taxis are few and can’t cope with passengers’ needs. Thus, waiting time at the JMK airport taxi rank can be long. What’s more, it’s not unusual for taxi drivers to pick up more passengers to load their vehicles to full capacity. In that way, they decongest the waiting lines at the taxi stands and get double-payed for one ride. Still, sharing the ride can end up being cost-effective for you, if you find travelers to the same destination, travel as a group, and share not only the ride but also the fare!

As far as the taxi rates are concerned, you should expect a 19€/19$ cost for your transfer from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port, including the airport fee (2.85€/2.85$). Extra surcharges may apply if traveling at night (from midnight to 05:00 am, the taxi fare to the port is about 24€/24$) or for excessive luggage (each piece of baggage weighing more than 10kg is charged at 0.40€/0.40$). Although some taxi drivers are equipped with POS machines, cash payments are still prevalent. In fact, not only should you carry some euros with you, but you’d better carry them on small bills, as your driver may not have enough change. 

Our Tip 1: Tipping isn’t obligatory. Nevertheless, it is very welcomed.

Our Tip 2: Most taxi drivers speak English at least adequately, and they are known for their attentiveness.

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Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port by Bus

The only public transportation option in Mykonos is the KTEL buses. Although comfortable enough and with designated storage space, Mykonos buses are notorious for their inconsistency, delays, and out-of-the-blue changes on their schedule. Still, they remain a fairly cheap option for transfers from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port, ideal for passengers traveling on a tight budget.

If you opt for the Mykonos airport bus, you should head to the bus stop, lying right outside the terminal. During high season, buses heading to the New Port bus stop operate from 09:10 am to 05:50 pm every 90 minutes. However, there are no available routes to the Ferry Port in winter. The only option then is the route heading to Fabrika Station in Mykonos Chora, 4km/2.5 miles away from the port area, while even that bus runs from 09:15 am to 06:15 pm. In any case, the traveling time from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port is 20-25 minutes under normal traffic conditions. The bus ticket costs 1.80€/1.80$ and is available from the driver inside the bus. Payments are accepted only in cash. Please remember to carry small bills with you, as the bus driver usually doesn’t have enough change. 

Our Tip: You should keep in mind that the bus ticket doesn’t guarantee you a seat. Therefore, during rush hours, traveling standing is always a possibility.

Car Rental from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port 

Mykonos car rentals are popular among travelers relishing autonomous transfers. Thus, Mykonos Airport provides its passengers with plenty of airport car rental options. International agencies and local providers are to be found at JMK, offering a wide variety of car rental services. Therefore, you shouldn’t face any difficulties in finding the ideal vehicle for your journey at an affordable price. As long as you check out your options and compare them, you are certain to come up with the best value-for-money alternative. In fact, the sooner you make your reservation, the better prices you’ll secure while having access to a wealth of vehicle types.

The ride from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port should last about 14 minutes if the roads aren’t congested. Unless you have a ferry to catch, you’ll have to park your vehicle as soon as you reach your destination. Even though you won’t find a private car park at Mykonos New Port, plenty of street parking spots will most probably be at your disposal.

Private Airport Transfers from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port 

The most compatible with Mykonos’ lifestyle transportation option is undoubtedly a Mykonos airport transfer. When booking a private airport transfer, you can expect your driver to be waiting for you at the Arrivals hall, ready to help you with your luggage and escort you to the vehicle of your choice right outside the JMK doors. Driving you directly to the Ferry Port, he will answer all your questions on the way. No waiting time at the airport, no risk of missing your upcoming ferry journey, and no hassle. Hence, can you think of a more relaxed and stress-free way to travel from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port?


How far is Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port?

The distance from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port is only 5.9km/3.6 miles. Thus, a car ride from JMK to the New Port area should last around 14 minutes under normal traffic conditions, whereas buses need 20-25 minutes to reach the New Port bus stop. 

How do I get from Mykonos Airport to the port?

Besides the comfortable Mykonos taxis and the handy car rentals, only KTEL buses handle the transfers from Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port. However, the most comfortable and stress-free way to reach the island’s New Port is definitely a Mykonos airport transfer. 

Is there a bus from Mykonos Airport to the Ferry Port?

KTEL buses leave the airport and head to the New Port every 90 minutes from 09:10 am to 05:50 pm during the summer months. However, you won’t find a bus route connecting Mykonos Airport to Ferry Port in winter.