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Tips & Hints about Taxis in Mykonos

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Taxis in Mykonos: Overview

As the only transportation modes available in Mykonos are public buses and taxis, visitors looking for a comfortable way to travel during their journey usually hire a Mykonos taxi. However, if you aren’t sure whether a cab is the right choice for you or not, you can take a look at the pros and cons of opting for a taxi in Mykonos:

Taxi ProsTaxi Cons
Mykonos taxis are a convenient and pleasant way of transport.The number of Mykonos taxis is low and absolutely insufficient to cover the island’s needs. Thus, catching a cab can be time-consuming.
They offer safe services, even during the night. Traffic jams -a usual phenomenon during the high season- can raise the trip’s duration and cost.

Catching a taxi is the only way to be dropped off right in front of your destination.Even though Mykonos taxis aren’t considered expensive, using them for all your transfers around the island will add a notable cost to your journey.

Mykonos taxis are considered fast. They are definitely faster than public buses.

Compared to Mykonos prices, Mykonos taxis are rather affordable.
The island’s distances are short, and rides don’t last that long to end up expensive anyway.

Mykonos Taxi Rates

Mykonos taxis use a taximeter to calculate the price for each ride. Thus, the journey’s duration and distance are the factors that mainly form the final tariff. For example, even if a usual ride from the airport to Chora costs 17€/17$, the cost rises significantly under heavy traffic. On the other hand, extra surcharges may be added to your taxi fare. Apart from the extra fee for airport rides (2.85€/2.85$) and port transfers (1.07€/1.07$), traveling by taxi from midnight to 05:00 am is more expensive, as the price per km is 1.25€/1.25$ instead of 0.90€/0.90$ during the day. Moreover, bags that weigh more than 10kg are considered excess luggage and are being charged 0.40€/0.40$ per piece. Nevertheless, the typical taxi rides to almost every part of the island don’t exceed 30€-35€/30$-35$.

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Mykonos Taxis: Payment Methods

Mykonos taxi drivers usually don’t accept payments via bank cards, although this is not always the case. However, as taxis aren’t obligated by law to have POS machines, you should always inform your driver when planning on paying with a credit or debit card. If he, indeed, doesn’t have a POS, you may agree to stop at an ATM to withdraw some cash. 

Our Tip: Please remember to have small bills with you, as taxi drivers usually don’t have enough change.

How to catch a taxi in Mykonos

You have three alternatives to hire a taxi in Mykonos: you can hail one from the street, catch it from one of the island’s taxi stands, or finally, call for your cab. The first option (taking it from the street) may be considered the most convenient. Still, in practice, it is almost out of the question. Mykonos taxis are few -too few to handle the island’s transfer needs. Thus, spotting one passing by is like winning the jackpot! 

Alternatively, you can find a taxi at the island’s taxi ranks, locally called “piatsa”. Mykonos town has two official taxi stands, one near Manto Mavrogenous Square, adjacent to the old port, and one close to the bus station in Fabrika Square. It goes without saying that Mykonos International Airport has a taxi stand too. Finally, a taxi rank is also to be found at Ano Mera, serving the east part of the island. 

Last but not least, using a radio taxi (phone taxi) or a taxi app is also an option, which comes with an extra fee. In any case, if you opt for a phone taxi, you can call +30 2289023700 or +30 2289022400.

Our Tip: Most likely, you won’t avoid waiting time, even if settling on a phone cab, Taxis are few while the demand is high. Evening and night rides, in particular, can be challenging. 

Mykonos Taxi to Mykonos International Airport

Mykonos taxis are the perfect way to reach Mykonos Airport for your upcoming flight, as they combine comfort with quick rides and affordable prices due to the short distance from Chora to the airport. Moreover, Mykonos taxi drivers are known to be very helpful with the passengers’ luggage. Still, you should plan your taxi ride to Mykonos Airport well ahead. Mykonos taxis are few, and you don’t want to risk missing your flight in case the waiting time for a taxi is long. 

Extra tips for Mykonos taxis

  • Mykonos taxis are metered. Verily, even the ride from Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Town doesn’t come with a fixed fare. Therefore, you should always check if the taximeter is properly reset before starting your ride.
  • You may notice a sign at the taxi stands displaying approximate taxi fares to the most popular island’s destination. Still, the exact cost of your taxi transfer will be subject to the taximeter’s indication at the end of the journey.
  • Even if your driver doesn’t give you a receipt (the chances are that he won’t), you should ask for one. Taxi receipts have all the taxi info written on them and can be proven handy if you forgot something in the cab or want to make a complaint to the Tourist Police. 
  • Settling on an individual -probably unlicensed- taxi is the best way to get scammed or overcharged. 
  • It is highly recommended to carry some euros with you, preferably on small bills. Mykonos taxi drivers usually don’t accept payments via credit cards and don’t have enough change. 
  • Tipping isn’t obligatory. Still, it is very welcomed when the taxi services are pleasant and efficient.
  • The vast majority of taxi drivers in Mykonos speak English adequately.
  • Mykonos taxis don’t have children’s seats. Thus, if you want to use one, you should bring your own.
  • Catching a cab in Mykonos is difficult, especially during the evenings and the high season. 


How much are taxis in Mykonos?

Mykonos taxis don’t offer set rides. Thus, the journey’s distance and duration affect the taximeter’s indication. Moreover, factors such as excess luggage or night transfers add an extra cost to the total taxi price. Overall, the usual taxi fare for the 10-minute drive from JMK Airport to Chora costs around 17€/17$.

How to get a taxi in Mykonos?

If you want to catch a taxi for your transfer around the island, you can hail one from the street or head to one of the island’s taxi ranks. On the other hand, calling for your cab or using a taxi app is the easiest way to find a taxi in Mykonos, if you don’t mind the extra fee.