Mykonos Airport Shuttle Bus

When it Comes to Public Transportation from JMK, KTEL Buses are On Tap.

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Mykonos Airport Shuttles and Buses

Passengers who are looking for a cheap way to travel from Mykonos Airport to their destination have only one option: the public KTEL buses. JMK Airport is directly connected to the Southern Bus Station of Mykonos Chora, the bus terminal near Fabrika Square. Beyond that, other island destinations can be reached only via onward KTEL transfers from Fabrika Station.

Mykonos Airport Public KTEL Buses

The KTEL buses are the only public transportation option from Mykonos Airport, offering quick, comfortable, and safe transfer services while having designated luggage space in their under compartments. Still, the only direct route is from Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Town, while even during the peak season, when itineraries are considered frequent enough, buses are often delayed. Thus, the waiting time for a bus at the airport can be longer than expected.

In any case, if you decide to take the JMK airport shuttle, you should choose between the routes heading to Fabrika Station and the ones getting to the New Port of Mykonos. To do that, you should spot your destination’s location. Is it the south part of Chora? Is it another island’s settlement? Or finally, the area of New Port is more convenient for you? In general terms, you should take the Fabrika-heading bus if your accommodation lies at:

  • the nearby Chora’s regions.
  • Platis Gialos
  • Psarrou
  • Ornos
  • Agios Ioannis
  • Paradise
  • Paragka

From the Fabrika Βus Stop, you’ll find shuttle buses reaching those destinations. On the other hand, routes to New Port are ideal for passengers whose hotels are located nearby or for travelers wishing to take the boat after landing on the island. 

Our Tip 1: Mykonos has two ports. The Old Port and the New Port. The Old Port serves tour boats and itineraries to Delos, while the new one the ferries heading to the mainland or the other Greek islands and cruise ships.

Our Tip 2: The KTEL bus company also organizes private shuttle transfers.

The Βuses’ schedule from Mykonos Airport

The KTEL buses are more frequent during summer and a lot scarcer during the low tourist season. Hence, during the summer months, buses to Fabrika Terminal run almost every 30-60 minutes, from 08:15 am to 10:15 pm, and reach their terminus in about 15-20 minutes, depending on the traffic. Conversely, routes to New Port are less frequent, every 1.30 hours, from 09:10 am to 05:50 pm. 

During winter, the airport buses leave the airport every 1 hour, from 09:15 am to 06:15 pm, with Fabrika as their journey’s end. 

Our Tip: The bus itineraries often change without previous warning.          

Does Mykonos Airport have a Bus Stop?

The airport bus stop is to be found just outside the terminal’s doors, opposite the airport taxi rank. Thus, after collecting your bags, all you have to do is exit the Arrivals hall. 

Our Tip: Mykonos Chora has two bus terminals. The Fabrika Bus Station is located on the south side of Chora, whereas the North Bus Terminal is close to the Old Port and serves routes to Kalafati, Ano Mera, and Elia. Please note that the two terminals aren’t connected via a bus route, but they lie within a 15-minute walking distance from each other.

Bus Tickets from Mykonos Airport

The ticket for your bus transfer from Mykonos Airport will cost you 1.80€/1.80$. JMK airport shuttle tickets are available from the bus driver inside the bus, but payments can be made only in cash. What’s more, you should try to pay with small bills as the driver might not be able to give you change otherwise.

Our Tip 1: Mykonos KTEL buses often get crowded. As tickets don’t come with reserved seats, if this is the case, you may have to travel standing. 

Our Tip 2: If your accommodation lies in another Mykonos area besides Chora, you’ll have to pay an extra 1.80€ /1.80$ for your bus trip from Chora to your destination. 


Where is the bus station in Mykonos?

Mykonos town has two bus terminals, one in the Fabrika area and one on the north side of Chora, near the Old Port. Nevertheless, the airport buses head only to Fabrika Station.

How do you pay for the bus in Mykonos?

Bus tickets in Mykonos can be purchased by the bus driver inside the bus. However, only cash payments are accepted. Moreover, carrying small bills with you will definitely be handy.