Mykonos Airport Terminal

The Layout and Structure of JMK Terminal Building

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The Terminal of Mykonos International Airport

Mykonos Airport is a small airfield, despite being among the top 10 busiest Greek airports. Until recently, the JMK amenities were not only basic but actually insufficient. However, in late 2015, Fraport-Greece purchased the airport (along with 13 other airports across the country), inducing big changes in its operation as well as its provided services. Nowadays, JMK Airport remains a single-terminal airport with limited dimensions and facilities, in spite of its high passenger traffic during the summer months. However, it is fully refurbished and modernized.

JMK Airport’s Architectural Design

It may not offer one-of-a-kind services, yet it definitely has one of the most notable architectural designs. The extensive renovation works that were completed in 2021 led to a unique result, inspired by the local architecture, yet including many modern decorative touches too. In fact, the JMK airport terminal is based on the Myconian pigeon houses, reflecting clearly the Aegean tradition and conveying the Cycladic ambiance to the passengers from the very first moment they land at Mykonos Airport. 

Facilities & Services at Mykonos Airport Terminal

You won’t find but the absolutely necessary services and amenities at JFK Airport. Nevertheless, their quality is undeniably top, leading to an overall pleasant experience. Thus, the JMK terminal has a 24/7 currency exchange office, an information desk, and ATM machines. Naturally, free Wi-Fi is also provided, as long as you enter the  Fraport-Free network while charging points are also available.

The terminal’s shopping options are limited to a small yet interesting duty-free area along with a jewelry store, a telecommunication-product store, a shop with eyewear products, and a clothes-and-accessories shop. Please note that the “Reserve & Collect” service is available for duty-free products, allowing passengers to place their order from home and collect it as soon as they arrive at Mykonos Airport.

Moreover, JMK Airport has an airside lounge (by Goldair Handling) providing passengers with a Myconian-style space and food and drink options, and Delos Lounge, the luxury, private flights lounge that comes with VIP services (allowing a totally private boarding on the plane as well).

Last but not least, Mykonos Airport is an accessible aviation hub with ramps, toilets for persons with mobility problems, and special assistance services for passengers that need it.


Is Mykonos Airport small?

Mykonos is a single-terminal airport with limited dimensions. Although it is listed among the top 10 busiest Greek airports and has high passenger traffic during summer, it doesn’t provide passengers but with basic services and facilities. 

How old is Mykonos Airport?

JMK Airport opened its doors in 1971. However, after its privatization in 2015 (it was bought by Fraport), it was fully renovated. Thus nowadays, even though it remains small and still offers nothing but the necessary amenities, it has a modern terminal building and is technologically advanced.